Life issues most commonly dealt with at Dayspring:

Peace . . .

Freedom !


 +      Relationship Issues                   +     Divorce Proof Marriage                 +     Rebuilding Trust  

 +      Christian Twelve Steps              +     Forgiveness                                  +     Sexual Abuse Trauma 
 +      Codependency / Boundaries      +     Intimacy                                        +     Sexual Addiction
 +      Couple Shame                            +    Loss, Anger & Grief                       +     Shame, Guilt & Fear 

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Pam and Al Faatz, after twenty-four years of  directing the Dayspring program, have relocated to Salem, OR.  They have agreed with each other that as long as the Lord provides them the ability to continue to be "helpful help" they will continue to minister in the areas that have helped so many since the founding of Dayspring in 1993.

They are seeing  clients in person at their Salem, OR office, but do nearly 100% of individual 1-on-1 sessions via the technology of the amazing "smart" phone.  This concept is not new as they have done telephone sessions with clients such as Airline pilots (and others) while traveling from virtually around the globe.  Group members when leaving town on business call in to "check-in" with their group - keeping them accountable and safe from the temptation of being "away alone".

Dayspring continues to provide the essentially the same services that we have provided for the past 24 years - with a change of venue - using technology to facilitate healing.  If Satan can use cell phones, tablets, computers, etc., to keep men, women and teens slaves to pornography, etc., God can use those same tools to help set the captives free!

Small groups are also done via phone, making it possible to participate in a confidential group from any location.  This concept is especially helpful for so many who live in locales that do not have trained recovery professionals or those who have schedules that  preclude normal appointment times.   

  We are blessed to be a part of God's healing community!

Team Coaching with Al & Pam - Unique team approach brings out truth​ and speeds up the process, saving significant time and expense. "The TRUTH will set you free!"  John 8:32 - Bible

In 2010, Mr. Faatz made the transition from Counselor to Coach. He is now a multi-faceted  PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH, dealing with issues of purity, relationships, spirituality and other life skills.   He continues to use many of the successful tools from his training and nearly two decades of prior Pastoral counseling experience.  He has used Dr. Carne's 30 Task Competency Based Treatment Program, the Christian 12-Steps and other modalities that will guide you successfully to your healing. ​This journey takes you on "the straight and narrow" but it can last for a lifetime!

Pam & Al have been frequent guests and hosts for Northwest Radio and Television shows, presented their FINDING FREEDOM workshops in churches and Christian schools and have served as Family Camp keynote speakers. Their hope is that through creating a SAFE PLACE to be real, lives will be healed, the "silence" that allows abuse to ravage our families will be broken, and the secrets and shame that keep us hiding and lonely will come into the light of acceptance, grace, love and truth.​ ​Their desire and commitment is to give help, hope, healing and the tools necessary to become FREE from the bondage, to help individuals, couples and families find their healing through the support of a program that understands and has helped thousands find healing.

Pam is Founder and Co-Executive Director of Dayspring Recovery Community. She practiced as a Pastoral Counselor, Public Speaker, Teacher, Temperament Therapist and a Sexual Abuse and Sexual Addiction Partner's Therapist for nearly two decades, In 2010, Pam made the transition from counselor to Coach, She has helped thousands of women navigate the difficult journey of Sexual Recovery, both from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Compulsivity Issues. Pam has been a true gift to many women and their husbands as she has used her training, wisdom and grace to guide them through the difficult passage from despair to freedom. Pam's coaching specialties are many - codependency, boundaries, trust & forgiveness, self esteem & loving oneself, finding the true God, understanding nurture, finding life balance, setting & reaching personal goals and more. Pam was a trail-blazer in the 1980's, directing a national Sexual Abuse Recovey Program in Minnesota. Her powerful speaking at Women's events and her own personal story has inspired many to reach out for help and become the unique, successful, beautiful persons they were created to be. She has presented her "model" of recovery across the country to church leaders, educators, medical professionals, professional counselors and survivors of addiction and abuse. God has used her own personal history, healing journey and her passion to offer help, hope and healing to thousands who have found their own healing.

Pamela M. Faatz, CPC, Certified Professional Coach

Allan L. Faatz, CPC, Certified Professional Coach

Al Faatz is Co-founder and Co-Executive Director of Dayspring Recovery Community. He practiced as a Pastoral Counselor, Teacher, Public Speaker, Temperament Therapist and a Sexual Addiction Therapist for nearly two decades. He trained with Dr. Patrick Carnes, receiving a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) certification in 2001. He used the Carnes Competency Based Treatment Plan, integrating a strong Christian 12-Step program, helping men (FATHERS& SONS) find freedom not only from the bondage of sexual compulsivity. but many other destructive habits - unhealthy anger, lying, passivity, fears, and the "father wound".  ​Al has always believed that it is possible to become free from compulsive/addictive habits.. He acknowledges that the disease model fits compulsive habits, just like it fits the criteria of drug and alcohol addiction. He does not however, believe that "Once an addict, always an addict" is a label that cannot be removed. Al Faatz is a living example!  His story and his twenty three years of sobriety have given hope to many who had no hope.  His strong belief is . . .


Our Mission:

Is to reach ALL those who need this healing process, empowering them to believe in themselves, trust God in the process and allow others to be their support and accountability as true friends who are real.  

Our Purpose:

​Is to create and offer a community that is SAFE, NURTURING, SUPPORTIVE & GRACE-FULL,​ while at the same time is a place that challenges it's members to take responsibility for their own treasures and accept the challenge to change.

We welcome you to join our inter- denominational Recovery Community where you can be real. You can come without excuses and you can really heal. Pre-forgiveness is a given - a pretty sweet deal!

Our Passion:

Is to be able to teach, model and assist those who are ready and truly want to make the changes that God has promised for each one of us, enabling victorious living.  We are indeed passionate about seeing lives, marriages and families changed, according to God's plan.  


 Our Philosophy:

  +     Faith is more than what happens on Sabbath or Sunday or in a church service. 

  +     Believing is stepping out in faith and taking an action step/steps - one at a time -  one day at a time.

  +     Trusting is taking the risk to prove to ourselves that God and others can be safe.

  +     Coaching, Lectures & Groups are simply tools to enable us to find God's plan.

  +     Community is experiencing Faith, Believing, Trusting, Learning and Growing/Changing through practice . . .


Who We Are:

Founders and Directors, Al & Pam Faatz began working in 1993 to create a faith based recovery community that's as rooted in the scriptures as it is in one another - and also as rooted in one another as it is in scriptures.  We believe that's what community is all about - connection.