​From Vancouver, WA.  The first night at group, I was scared, angry and didn't want to be there. At the end of the 12-week quarter I was the first one to sign up for the next group session!  I had found a place where I could be honest and actually start the process of healing without feeling shamed.

 From Gresham, OR:  The Couple's group was a second group for both my husband and myself.  It was amazing! We learned so much from the other couples - actually the opposite genders taught us so much!   Dayspring saved our marriage and the Men's, the Women's and the Couple's groups were all key to our success!

Groups meet at 8:00 pm, immediately following the 7:00 pm Recovery Solutions Lecture.   Please contact the Dayspring offices for any questions  relating to Dayspring groups.

From Salem, OR:  It took me 45 minutes each way to go to my Dayspring group, but it was a very important part of my healing.  The guys in my group became brothers to me.  They spoke truth into my life - something I had never experienced before from my peers.  I would not be at the level of growth today without my group.  Thanks guys!   

This is the most often asked question we hear at the Intake Interview.  It is also one of the most important facets of our program.  We were usually hurt in relationships and the most amazing healings have been done in relationships - in a group setting!

        Covenant Groups are a part of the family of God in operation! 

  • Men's  "Healing Journey" 

  • Men's  "Grief & Anger" 

  • Men's  "Codependency / Boundaries" 

  • Men's  "Sexual Addiction"

  • Men's "Father Wound"

ALL COVENANT GROUPS AT DAYSPRING  are composed of individuals who have scheduled an INTAKE INTERVIEW with one of the Directors of the program.  A minimum 12-week quarter is required to participate.  The groups are "closed groups", meaning the group is composed of the same persons for that quarter. These COVENANT guidelines and a signed commitment provide both anonymity and confidentiality.  A group member may continue in the group as long it is beneficial for them. Groups consist of a maximum of eight group members and two facilitators.


Men's group meeting Thursdays from 7-9:00 pm in Portland.  There are currently two openings  for new members. 

Call 503-708-4728  ASAP to enroll.

​​​​We have seen many life-long friendships that have 

                  had their start in a Dayspring Covenant Group!

Men's Covenant Groups:



"Whydo I need to do a group?"