The word dayspring means . . . 

     "A New Day!   . . . a New Beginning!"

            Luke 1:78 kjv


Pam and Al Faatz, have for years, done Intensives for individuals, couples & families, helping them reach their goals much faster.

Whatever your struggles are - compulsive addictive behavior, anger, fear, insecurity, relationship problems - there is Help, Hope and Healing!

  We invite you to join us in your own "Healing Journey"

We are an interdenominational 

                       RECOVERY COMMUNITY

that  has served the Pacific Northwest since 1993, providing help for those who want to change the way they do life.  They want to experience peace, love and joy - for themselves and in all their relationships, with God and the many others they influence, positively or negatively. 

Dayspring Directors: Al & Pam Faatz


 Three prong approach to recovery that really works:

  • Education to learn a new way 
  • Groups to practice what we are learning
  • i - on - 1 Sessions


Recovery Solutions

A place to listen, learn & grow.  A place to practice what you learn.  A place to be real and heal! 

Apply the Good News of Recovery to your daily life.

Professional Life Coaching

Dayspring's Professional Life Coaches will  help you to utilize and maximize this successful life-changing program.

Life change can happen when we come to the end of our own resources, reach out to God for help and allow others to come along side us.  Our single goal at Dayspring is to be God's Healing Hands extended  to all who are ready for their healing.  

We embrace a simple, but effective series of steps that anyone can follow to reach their desired life goals.  We all are promised by our Creator the gifts of Peace, Love & Joy and more!

"Freedom at last!"

 Dayspring uses a solutions focused  LIFE SKILLS PROGRAMMATIC CARE   process that works!