• Finding something that was lost or stolen from you

  • A return to something you left behind

  • Letting go of the things that are defeating you

  • Acknowledging you can't do it on your own

  • Finding that "something" that keeps evading you

  • Surrendering to God and the process 

This "Programmatic Care" recovery approach is highly recommended and has been proven to dramatically decrease the risk of falling back into old patterns of behavior, and greatly increases the level of successful recovery.  

STRAND TWO:  The groups provide an environment of confidentiality, accountability and anonymity.  The "closed" group of individuals committed to the same goals consistently, provides a laboratory experience where new skills can be practiced and is a place of being know without shame, rejection or condemnation.

developed in 1993 by Pamela & Allan Faatz, founders & directors, which consists of :

1)  Education,  2)  Accountability & Support, and 3)  Life Coaching which under-girds the entire program, resulting in high levels of success and low levels of recidivism (sliding back).

Accountability Groups

Professional Coaching

STRAND THREE:  Each person participating in the Programmatic Care Program works with a Certified Professional Coach in individual coaching sessions. This  helps to significantly augment the growth process and  the client can move through Stage One* successfully and move on to Stage Two** more quickly.  NOTE:  SEE STAGE ONE* & STAGE TWO** BELOW.      

STRAND  ONE: Our comprehensive educational program provides in-depth teaching, modeling and exercises that promote growth with a high level of integrity. The topics are selected for each 12-week quarter and deal with the fundamentals of life skills growth.  Please see the list below for the current quarter. 


Lecture Series

"A three strand cord will not be broken!"  Hosea 4:12

 * STAGE ONE RECOVERY:  Getting sober,  i.e., ceasing to do the habitual, destructive behaviors ​through confession, repentance & practice.

  **  STAGE TWO RECOVERY:  Learning to live and love in  healthy relationships that become vibrant, nurturing and where safety is pre-eminent.