FROM WASHINGTON:  (True story)  We are blessed to be just two hours from Portland, so we were able to attend Dayspring's Programmatic Care lecture and the Men's and Women's groups on Monday nights.  Their LIFE SKILLS program was so right for us. We have grown so much individually and in our marriage relationship - even our children are acting differently.  We would recommend this program to everyone we know!

FROM SOUTHERN OREGON COAST:  (True story)  My husband is a pastor and we heard Al & Pam speak at our Oregon District Pastor's gathering in Portland.  We were drawn to them as they shared their personal story and their journey in finding true intimacy.  We desired that for ourselves and drove to Portland weekly for a twelve-week session to participate in their program.  It was worth the day and a half and the four hour drive each way to learn the tools to help us in our own journey to true intimacy.  We would do it again "in a heart beat."

FROM CALIFORNIA: (True story)  I will be forever grateful that God helped us find about the Couple's Weekend Intensives. We found Dayspring on-line and registered that same day. We drove twelve hours to arrive in the beautiful city of Portland, for the first time. The most awesome part however, was that we had come with a tiny ray of hope for our marriage and left Portland Sunday evening knowing we were going to make it.  The ongoing phone sessions - me with Pam and my husband with Al, have been the perfect combination for us to heal and grow our marriage.  The workbook that Al & Pam have written has brought us so far and we are so thankful for them.

FROM OREGON:  (True story)  My husband and I had been in marriage counseling for decades and had both gone to In-patient Treatment centers in Florida and Arizona, spending tens of thousands of dollars. We had both done the "anonymous" groups but nothing had really worked for us.  We heard about Dayspring, checked it out, and attended faithfully.  Today - twelve years later, we have a fabulous marriage and are truly in love.  Dayspring was a Godsend!

FROM WASHINGTON:  (True story)  I traveled four hours and stayed overnight to attend Dayspring's program on a weekly basis.  It was worth all the time and money becaue my life will forever be changed!  I was well educated as a professional, had a great job, but I didn't feel like a woman who was special or good enough.  I came to learn that my husband's choice to be unfaithful was not about me, but I still needed to heal what was missing in myself.

FROM OHIO: (True story)  We flew to Portland several years ago to attend the "Marriage Rescue Weekend.  It really gave us hope, something we both really needed.  I had used porn, had affairs and felt so dirty that I told myself I needed to divorce her.  My wife would not let me go.  Somehow she knew God could save our marriage.  We actually moved to Portland to do our recovery work.  God has blessed us and we know have a beautiful son who is two years old.  We believe in Dayspring!  P.S. We are now back in our home state.

FROM OREGON:  (True story)  The best decision I've made in my life, second only to my accepting and being baptized into Christ, was to attend Dayspring's program.  I truly became free from the bondage of porn.  The good news is I learned I could also be free from needing food, TV and games to cover my pain of loneliness.  It's been eight years since Dayspring and I have healthy friends and am very involved in a church community that supports my new healthy life.

FROM OREGON:  (True story)  Have you ever been enslaved to a secret sin with no way out?  I sure did.  But now, thanks to the coaching I've received from Dayspring,  I am finally directly experiencing the freedom that Christ gave me when I was baptized.  I was "born again" in the spirit when I accepted Christ as my savior, but I continued to experience the guilt for my sin even though I had been washed clean.  Through the coaching and teaching at Dayspring, I have finally learned how to turn my back on the secret sin of Pornography and to experience the spiritual fullness that Christ intended for me.

We have seen individuals, marriages, families, and careers saved and virtually reborn.  The TRANSFORMATIONAL change that has helped many restore their relationships with self, God, spouses, children, families & friends is available to you today.

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